Mor Mendel

Thursdays 12-2pm at Brooklyn Studios for Dance
Every other Thursday: 9/15, 9/29, 10/13
$8 // cash or check

Class Description:

In these classes I aim at creating a space for us to be present and attentive to our body, senses and creativity. We will play and explore with different dance elements, individual movements and imagination.
Classes will begin with an intuitive and organic warm up, connecting us to our cores and to each other. We will follow improvisation dance practices and compositional tasks to unleash our creative forces and move and discover with joy. Dance and Music will inspire us to arrive at new personal places- Places created with no boundaries, far from consensus or the confinement of form and technique.


Mor Mendel is a Brooklyn based dancer, performance artist and educator. She was born in Pittsburg but grew up in Israel where she earned her BFA, including a teaching certification in Dance Theater. Mendel danced all the way to Sarah Lawrence College where she received her MFA in dance. In her teaching and creative life, Mendel is interested in the people around her and how movement is interpreted through their heart and body. She experiences dance and movement as a method that gives much more then technic, but also as a way of reflecting and communicating life itself. Her creative work was performed at Gowanus Arts center, as part of a collaborative work in Triskelion Art center, at the 14Y, Fridman gallery Brooklyn Studios For Dance, BAAD!, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange and as part of Movement Research at the Judson church. Mendel is creatively engaged with other artists while perusing, searching, following and establishing her interest in movement and dance.