Lydia Mokdessi

Saturday Workshop: May 16th 1pm-3pm


Research Together

Research Together is a collaborative shared practice for performers and makers. We will invent and test scores, methods, and experiments and act as each other’s partners and test subjects. We will discover which prompts are generative for us, today. We will take turns leading and being led. We will interrogate the nature and power of witnessing and being witnessed. We will imagine discourse and choreography to be the same practice. Please bring a notebook and writing utensil.

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Lydia Mokdessi is a Brooklyn-based dance artist and writer from Chicago, Illinois. She graduated in 2012 from George Washington University where she performed works by choreographers Heather McArdle, Anna Sperber, Anthony Gongora, and Maida Withers. She is currently working with Emie Hughes, Stormy Budwig, and Buck Wanner, and has performed at The Living Gallery Brooklyn, Gibney Dance, The Secret Theater LIC, FIGMENT New York, Spectrum NYC, and The Space with Movement Research, as well as Brandywine Conservancy & Museum of Art in Chadd’s Ford, Pennsylvania. Her work has been presented at The Living Gallery Brooklyn, Movement Research at Eden’s Expressway, Triskelion Arts, and Brooklyn Arts Exchange. She is editor of and her writing has also appeared in American Realness Reading and Movement Research Critical Correspondence. She is co-organizer of Community of Practice, an initiative for early-career artists and writers.